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The 3 Main Advantages of Business Hire & 12 Benefits


How many times do you see in new business start-ups where judgement has been thrown to the wind with a total loss of senses as they buy brand new equipment only later realising their folly. We understand that purchasing business equipment is not always practical, especially if you are not using the items all the time or you are starting a new business and are unsure of your needs.

The following is why hiring equipment for your business is advantageous:


·         When you hire there is no substantial initial capital outlay, unlike purchasing, meaning you can have access to the machine as soon as you need it, and your capital can better utilise to make the best return

·         Hiring means there is certainty in your monthly expenses for the equipment, which assists with budgeting and planning

·         There are no unexpected costs arising for you to pay. Registration, repairs, maintenance, warranties, storage or buying spare parts as these expenses are taken care of by us

·         The business hire cost is entirely tax deductible

·         Gives you the ability to see how much you really use the equipment before you commit to buying (try before you buy)

Ability to meet unusual and high demands

·         You can hire what equipment you need, only when you need it. Ensuring you have the right items makes any job easier.

·         Often with businesses, there is a ‘busy’ time. Hiring from Ashburton U-Hire allows you to have access to additional equipment during this time and to return it at the end. This allows for maximum efficiency in your business

·         We have a variety of equipment available allowing you access to specialised equipment for specific one-off jobs

No obsolescence or old broken down equipment

·         Depending on the machinery there are options to upgrade the equipment easily when there is enhanced equipment available

·         Any faulty plant or machinery is easily exchanged or repaired, easing the stress on your business as working machine is always available

·         If you decide you no longer need the equipment, just end the agreement at a convenient time, and you will incur no additional costs

·         You are reducing your carbon footprint, by hiring equipment as needed there can be better utilisation of the equipment, having a positive impact on the environment.




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