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Experts in excavator hiring and trencher hire

Turn those jobs into quick and painless jobs in a matter of minutes with digger hire. Ashburton Uhire will give you the low down on excavator hiring gear. Need to remove those flax bushes or shift a couple of tonnes of compost or soil in the garden? Can’t get your local digger hire contractor there in the time frame YOU want? Then talk excavator hiring with us to get that urgent irrigation work done.

If Trencher hire is what you need, then try our skid steer loaders

Is your car or ute big enough to tow and does it have the correct size rated drawbar? For example, our 1.7 Ton Excavator requires a 2.5 Ton rated drawbar, 2 Ton Excavator requires 3 ton rated drawbar, and our 2.5 Ton Excavator requires a 3.5 Ton rated drawbar.

Wondering if excavator hiring and operation will be simple and easy? It’s pretty straight forward. When operating, start in the open where there are no obstructions and have a go with it first. Within 20-40 minutes, your confidence levels will be right up. Talk to us about which digger and Trencher hire  options best suit your task.


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Trailers, lawn mowers, chainsaws & concrete gear for hire on-site.
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