Toilets for every occasion, event or job sites, we can help with this and arranging delivery, collection and cleanings. It’s worth considering using them with prices very low for long term hire and deemed very reasonable for short term hire.

Having your son or daughters 21st at home, rather than having marauding teenagers roaming through your house, contain them by having separate toilets for male and female strategically placed outside. One less nightmare.

The wedding day has arrived, rest easy that you know you can handle 150 guests toilets requirements with our tandem flush toilets tactfully placed behind the marque. Needing something more up luxurious market toilets, then call us we can source this too.

Do you have a community event or machinery or livestock auction sales or public events, look no further. A broad range of toilets available, trailered or other. Accessible toilets for the disabled can be arranged but require advanced notice. Plumbing work at home is playing up with no plumber in sight, then consider a stand-alone toilet until things are back to normal


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