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During that early flurry of Spring or that last-minute jobs before Winter, those garden jobs never stop. Ideally, Lawn dethatching should be done in Spring or Autumn, easy to use and quick to do.

Hedge trimmers or petrol pole saws for those extended heights. Fertiliser spreaders, towable or push, spin some seed on and rake in. Why buy those items for those once or twice year jobs and then store. Yes, we have lawnmowers, rotary hoes small, medium, up to tractor large and petrol powered post hole borers.

For the big jobs such as planting lots of trees or for posts, try our Vermeer skid steer loaders which can easily be fitted with 3 sized augers for boring 250,350,600mm holes. Also can be equipped a trencher suitable for putting in the underground irrigation alkaline or putting in some cable work incredibly quick and very simple to use. Once you have used it, you won’t go back to the old way.


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