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Consider these options!

5.4-meter long Flat Bed

  1. No sides to interfere with load, true flatbed trailer suitable for hay cartage, excellent for loading pallets, lengths of timber, corrugated iron.
  2. Gross Weight 3500kg, L 5.47m x W 2.5m
  3. This does have a winch and ramps slide out from under the deck

Also, we have 4.8meter Tilt-bed flat-bed

  1. For owners of vehicles with low ground clearance; this is an ideal choice.
  2. It provides all the benefits of the flatbed range, easily-tilted platform for effortless loading. Tilt (approximately 12 degrees) is through the use of a manual hydraulic pump.
  3. The drop-down tail ramp makes it easier to drive almost any kind of wheeled vehicle onto the trailer.
  4. No, winch, so the vehicle MUST BE DRIVEN ON.
  5. Gross Weight 3500kg, L 4.87m x W 2.25m

Don’t forget our Tandem Car Transporter as well

  1. Suitable for transporting cars, Utes and small tractors.
  2. Fold down ramps, and a winch. Lights are multi-volt L.E.D.
  3. Gross Weight 2000kg, L 4160mm x W 1900mm, between Sides.
  4. This does have a winch and ramps fold down

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