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Change of preferred supplier


Ashburton U Hire has recently changed their preferred supplier of the cleaning of our portable toilets.

We are pleased to announce Charlie Tomlin Ltd (Kiwi As Specialist Septic Tank Services) has taken over the responsibility.

For more than 25 years Charlie Tomlin has been involved in the liquid waste industry.

He is the original owner of Charlies Takeaways and now has a new look with an environmentally friendly truck unit.

The truck is owned, operated and built by Charlie Tomlin and features the latest technology and is all brand new. The big difference is the new state of the art truck that Charlie has built from the ground up which is more ecologically friendly, so now there are no contaminants disbursed into the air, and combine this with being incredibly quiet too, all this help to keep the neighbours happy.

Already our customer feedback has been outstanding, with one of our customers say “I’ve never seen them so clean.”

Ashburton U Hire is proud to support a locally owned business that is proactive customer-focused and is looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Charlie Tomlin Ltd. For all your septic tanks needs, call Charlie 0274 242 754



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