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12 Reasons why a Marquee is appropriate for Corporate Events


Select a marquee for your company event for an impressive venue with the definitive in flexibility.

Marquees allow you to project a corporate image and ensures that this perception will be of organisation and attractiveness. The main advantage of a marquee hire lies in the sheer flexibility it provides when planning your special event.

Selecting a marquee is both an impressive way to showcase your business

  • Increased scope for branding or personalising the site of the event
  • A marquee has the advantage of being a blank canvas; you can decorate the interior to fit in with your
  • There are many choices of marquees from the traditional peg & pole and the contemporary metal frame marquee.
  • Marquee hire gives you far more event venues to select from
  • Marquees for hire will mean your corporate event is tailored to your needs.

Plan a corporate image in the way you want

  • There are many uses of corporate marquees such as hospitality, presentations, product launches, exhibitions, demonstrations, training, storage, and use as a temporary work area.

The size of the marquee is down to you

  • As is the location where you choose to host it.
  • No set venue event hire offers this flexibility.
  • Many venues offering event hire of rooms do so in exchange for overpriced menus or bar prices. With a marquee event, you are not tied into any venue packages,
  • You can erect a Marquee in the grounds of your home, so you are not restricted by any hotel rules.
  • Perhaps you have set your heart on a venue, but it does not accommodate the number of guests you require. The solution is a marquee, most hotels/venues will allow marquees to be erected on their grounds if they have room.

Why hiring marquees for your business is advantageous to business hiring

  • Cost-effective when you hire there is no substantial initial capital outlay, unlike purchasing, meaning you can have access to the marque as soon as you need it, and your capital can be better utilised to make the best return.
  • Hiring means there is certainty in your monthly expenses for the marque, which assists with budgeting and planning.
  • No unexpected costs are arising for you to pay.
  • The business hire cost is entirely tax deductible.

Worried about Security of your business or Home during the event, don’t be.

  • With temporary fencing, mobile loos and mobile bars, the whole event can be entirely self-contained.
  • No-one needs to even have access to your home (unless you want them to).

A marquee means you can outsource your catering or drinks providers,

  • Which will be much more cost-effective and tailored to your event, rather than overpriced fixed deals.
  • Greater range of retailers to outsource for food and drink.
  • You can be as creative as you want with your menu. For example: outside BBQ’s, spit roasts, themed menus or even bangers and mash it is really whatever you desire!

Marquees also allow you to choose from personalisation features.

  • You have complete control over the size and location
  • Marquees for hire means you do not need Mother Nature on your side
  • Marquees also allow more extensive products to be displayed at your event, such as vehicles. Also the design and look of your event.
  • Clear Windows are options, as is choosing your layout, open walls and walk-throughs.
  • Seating, tables and other furniture can be as relaxed or formal as the event requires,
  • Heating may be necessary for your marquee event hire; your corporate event may need media equipment. Perhaps you will be using a projector and a screen, or maybe you will need a sound system.

 Marquees can be arranged in the grounds of a stately home, the grounds of your business,

  • You are not restricted in numbers. If you have significant events 300+ guests, you may find your choice of venue will be limited. Marquees offer great flexibility regarding layout and numbers.
  • Flooring can be wooden, plastic tile, or feature a dance floor, or perhaps you only require the grass which is already there.

Now you can create your corporate event without interruptions

  • Making them ideal space for showing a presentation in peace or playing loud music without complaints.
  • The customisation options mean that you will spend less time and money trying to change the look of the room.

Marquees Hire means your corporate event is tailored to your needs.

  • It is your event the way you want it with no restrictions.
  • You can have a themed marque.
  • Marquees come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you have the opportunity to design a structure that is ideally suited to allow for all the things that you want to do at your event, rather than having to curtail or compromise some activities to satisfy the limitations involving a standard room or building. You can have all the space you need.
  • Once you have the structure of the marquee taken care of you can then set about customising the inside of the marquee from a wide variety of windows, flooring, silk linings, platforms, marquee furniture, decorations.
  • Lighting systems Increased scope for branding or personalising the site of the event etc. to create exactly the right layout, mood and atmosphere for your event.

With a marquee event, you are not tied into any venue packages,

  • It is your event, so you should have as much choice as possible over every aspect of the event

Set Up and Dismantling, No Problem

  • Our installers will set up and dismantle the Marquee; you tell us where you want it. Don’t forget space for the caterers.
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