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South Island Endurance Championships



The South Island Endurance Championships is one of 3 endurance championships held each year in New Zealand on 9-11th February 2018 at 127 Motukaika Road Cannington, Cave.

About Endurance

Endurance riding is the fastest growing equestrian sport in the world; indeed there is no better way to see the countryside than on the back of a horse. Endurance is one of the few sports where men and women compete alongside each other, with equal opportunities, from introductory level right up to World Championships, and where families can take part together with children and teenagers riding alongside adults.

The horse with the fastest time, which meets the “fit to continue” criteria as determined by a veterinary panel, is the winner. The horses are monitored by veterinarians throughout the ride at predetermined checkpoints and will be withdrawn from the ride if they are judged to be unsound or metabolically unfit. Each ride has mandatory rests or “holds” for the horses throughout the ride. Horse welfare is the highest priority in endurance and all endurance rides must have a registered veterinarian in attendance.

Although most endurance rides are technically “races” many (if not most) riders participate for completion rather than placing. To these riders, the satisfaction of completing the distance on a sound horse is the prize.

South Island Endurance Championships

The South Island Endurance Championships is one of 3 endurance championships held each year in New Zealand, the others being the North Island and National Championships. They form part of the FEI Series, a hotly contested national competition.All championship events are run under the regulations of Federation Equestrian Internationale, the world governing body for equestrian sports. These rules require the appointment of internationally qualified Officials and Veterinarians.For this event we have Officials from Australia, South Africa and Namibia taking up key positions as well as some highly qualified personnel from within the sport in New Zealand, making a truly international event.

The South Island Endurance Championships is a 3-day event which includes competitions of:

CEI & CEN 160km class for Seniors & Juniors

CEI & CEN 120km class for Seniors & Juniors

CEI & CEN 100km class for Seniors & Juniors

CEI & CEN 80km class for Seniors & Juniors

CTR Open 70km class

CTR Intermediate 35km class

CTR Junior 35km class.

With the rapid growth within the sport, especially in the South Island, we are anticipating that the event will attract competitors from throughout the country as well as some from Australia.

This will be an event well worth coming to see as the horses competing will be the top equine athletes in the South Island as well as perhaps some from the North. Endurance is an extreme sport and the hard work & dedication required to succeed is worthy of support & interest from the general public so please feel free to come & look. There is no gate entry charges and can be a good day out with your families.

For more details, please contact Event Secretary Wendy Farnell  on 03 303 6144 or 0274 934 851 and Event Chairperson Susan Latta 03 464 3438 or 027 699 1208

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