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Ashburton U Hire Top Excuses to Date


Ashburton U Hire Top Excuses to Date

  1. “I’ll pay next Thursday”
  2. “Sorry I have left my wallet at home”
  3. “I didn’t realise the gas wasn’t free”
  4. “This is broken, but it was like that when I took it”
  5. “I’ve had this for a week, but I have only used it for an hour”
  6. “I don’t know how it got broken”
  7. “I’m just bringing it back for a friend, he said he would pay later”
  8. “I live out of town, so can I take it now and only pay for tomorrow”
  9. “I’m not going to pay for these as we didn’t use them ,anyway you have plenty in stock”
  10. “I thought I would pick up the wagon now, cause it sitting there doing nothing”
  11. “I would have cleaned the concrete mixer, but there was no water on site”
  12. “How does 4 hours hire work”
  13. “I can only drive forward with the trailer, not backwards.”
  14. “$5.00 is too expensive for the hire of a sledgehammer, I can buy one at the hardware store for $50 bucks.”
  15. “I want to pick this up the rotary hoe on Friday, and it’s going to rain on Sat, use it on Sunday and bring back on Monday, so will that be a day hire?
  16. “Do you have a drivers license? No, it’s at home with my EFTPOS card.”
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Trailers, lawn mowers, chainsaws & concrete gear for hire on-site.
Party hire available by order from Ashburton.

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