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Sold, Sold, Sold, Wilsons Transports 45KVA Generator from Ashburton U Hire


Case Study from Wilsons Transports recent purchase of the JCB G45QS from Ashburton U Hire to power there Miedema portable vegetable grader.

Wilson Bulk Transport has been going for over 28 years and has seen significant changes in farming practices in Mid Canterbury NZ. Their vision has always been to move with the times and move forward with the expansion of their premises and fleet so that they can tailor their needs to their clients, they specialise in containers and cartage fertiliser spreading and storage and warehouse

I asked them the following:

  • What sort of Vegetables are you processing? Mostly potatoes, carrots and beetroot over the season.
  • How many containers are shipped and where to approx. Nine hundred containers for the year are mostly heading to Auckland NZ for processing.
  • How long is the season? Potato season starts mid-March to the end of May ex paddock then we load ex stores until around Nov/Dec.
  • Reason for choosing Ashburton U Hire for JCB generator. Good brand name, local service and supply.
  • Your first impressions with the JCB since its purchase. Very quiet and seem very good on fuel against our other genset which is smaller.

A big thank you to Wilson Bulk Transport for choosing local, and Ashburton U Hire to supply the G45QS generator. JCB  Generators machines range from 8kVA – 2750kVA and can provide reliable, uninterrupted power at the flick of a switch.


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