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Save Money while Avoiding Extra Costs when Hiring


By ensuring you have the right equipment for the job you are reducing the risk of occurring extra costs to you or your business.

  1. ·       Not sure if it what you are wanting will work, then please tell us what you’re trying to achieve. If we have a better understanding of exactly what you are doing. Then we could say “actually this is too big for the job or you only need this.
  2. ·       Alternatively, sometimes by using the bigger gear you can get the job done twice as fast and more comfortable and saving extra charges.
  3. ·       “How much will it cost?” don’t be frightened to ask us in advance, and we will advise prices and work out the best option to suit you?
  4. ·       It’s essential to plan and think, “How long will this take to do”. “Can I get a friend to help me while I am doing the job”, this may help you save time and your money.
  5. ·       By planning before you start your job, you’re ensuring you have the time to do it and reduce your risk of acquiring extra charges.
  6. ·       “How long will it take to collect the machinery, and the deliver it back”. “How long does it take to clean an excavator before I return it”? These are questions you have to ask yourself when planning and before you hire and not after the hire starts.
  7. ·       Our charge out rates vary depending on how long you have and what time you hired.
  8. ·       How does the hire rates work? We charge for time out, not time used. 4 Hours equals half a day, over that and up to 8 hours is a full day hire. So if you don’t need to get it tonight because it’s convenient, then pick it up in the morning, therefore, reducing the risk of extra charges.
  9. ·       “When does the hire start?” as soon as collect your item.
  10. ·       “Can I book in advance” yes you can, we highly recommend it. By securing your item in advance, your guaranteeing the availability, which is essential especially if you have tradespeople waiting on site
  11. ·       “Extra charges if returned Dirty.” Cleaning charges, you will notice on our items stickers warning about this. Just ask for clarification at the time of picking up for further details.
  12. ·       Contrary to popular belief, fuel and gas are not free; we have to pay for it, so you have to as well.
  13. ·       Damaged and missing items are charged out at full replacement cost, if something gets broken or comes back missing, please tell us as it may not be as bad as you think. For clarification on this, please ask.
  14. ·       “What happens if I bring something back earlier or later than I said?” If you have booked it for a day (8 hours), but bring back under 4 hours then we will only charge for 4 hours. If you booked for 4 hours and went over that but are under 8 hours, then it’s a full day charge.

Talk to us about any concerns you have before you hire.


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